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Automating council improvement plans and service reviews

September 2016

Morrison Low is pleased to announce the release of its new electronic process to capture service improvements and seamlessly model these improvements against Councils’ Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP) and Fit for the Future benchmarks. Built around Councils’ most recent financial statements current LTFP, the system enables council staff to electronically enter proposed improvements into a predetermined database. This data is then exported into the model to immediately demonstrate the impact of the improvements on the LTFP and Fit for the Future benchmarks. From there it is a relatively simple process to turn on or off improvements as council makes decisions on which improvements to retain and to display any change in performance in ‘real time’. The model is equally applicable to capturing and summarising service review process or council improvement plans.


The improvement data capture model not only identifies the opportunity and financial benefits and costs, but also the efficiency gains, impacts on service levels, customers, assets and staffing. It identifies legacy issues, risks and compares any industry benchmarks as well as the implementation process. A portion of this information flows into the financial model while the balance provides the base information for comparing opportunities and ultimately assisting councils’ decision making and any future community engagement.

The advantage of automating the process enables quick efficient and consistent data capture as well as real time evaluation of the impacts of trade-offs between different improvement opportunities. The model has proved extremely valuable to date in assisting council and management decision making. For a self demonstration click here.

 For more information contact Stephen at s.bunting@morrisonlow.com or Greg at g.smith@morrisonlow.com