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Business continuity planning in a time of crisis

Are you ready?

March 2020

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The Covid-19 pandemic may have significant social and economic impacts on your community and for you as an organisation. Business continuity plans are paramount. But how prepared are you?


Are you confident you can keep the drinking water and wastewater running? Are the processes well documented? Which processes are critical? Who can cover if 50% of your workforce is down? Can your operational contractors provide 24/7 service?


And the financial impact: What income streams are lost? What matching operational costs can you minimise? What are the various scenarios in terms of Council’s operating budget if rates relief is necessary for communities with massive job losses? What services are essential and what can you pare back? What is the impact on Council jobs, casual and permanent? What is the impact on Council’s contractors?


And the economic impact: What is the flow on economic impact of job losses for your community? What options do you have for generating work to redeploy staff and stimulate local economic activity? For example, while operations may be reduced are there unique opportunities to bring forward deferred preventative maintenance (such as servicing of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and fire systems) or capital projects that can more easily be undertaken if facilities are temporarily closed?


What strategic decisions, given the scenarios modelled, does your Council support? How can Council continue to invest in the local economy?


These are challenging and potentially complex situations to model and document to ensure your preparedness to act quickly. We are available to assist you – facilitating discussions, documenting processes, updating plans, modelling financial scenarios.


Let us help you do the very best you can for your community. Morrison Low - your local government specialists.


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