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Emergency management... how do you stack up?

Emergency management - capacity and capability assessment

November 2020


An increase in the number of natural disaster emergencies across NSW has resulted in an increased focus on local councils to be 'resilient ready' to manage any emergency.

This has highlighted the need for the Local Emergency Management Officer (LEMO) to be suitably trained and resourced to fulfil the role, not only during an emergency but also for the important planning and preparedness phases. Additionally, in many cases, the LEMO role is adjunct to a council officer's normal full time position.

The NSW Government has established Resilience NSW as the lead disaster management agency for NSW, to oversee and coordinate emergency management policy and service delivery as a whole of government approach.

Morrison Low has recently undertaken a service review for a large council with a considerable bushland interface, on the fringe of Sydney. The delivered report assessed the capability and capacity of the council's local emergency management in regard to preparedness and resilience to support the local community during and after emergency events.

Morrison Low can assist councils' management teams with providing emergency management capacity analysis. Our review would include:

  • NSW legislative requirements for local emergency management:
    • Local Government Act 1993
    • SERM Act 1989
  • evaluation of the council's emergency management capacity and capability
  • stakeholder engagement (depth and breadth can be varied according to the council's needs)
  • options analysis with recommendations
  • an implementation plan.

If you would like further information, please contact Mark Wood, who has recently joined the Morrison Low team and has extensive experience in local council emergency management as a LEMO.