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Procurement Support

September 2019

We’re excited to welcome Shalan Rao to our Sydney-based team to provide specialist support to ensure our clients get best value from their procurement processes.

Shalan is an experienced procurement professional specialising in all forms of procurement; tendering, contract development, procurement training and advisory services. Over the past few years Shalan has facilitated over 60 tenders in multiple categories within the government sector as well as providing sector wide procurement training.

With a Master of Business qualification from Western Sydney University and procurement experience gained from working in private and public sector organisations over the past 20 years, Shalan is widely recognised in the industry for procurement capability development work and facilitating procurement projects that required the highest standard of probity, good governance and risk management.

Shalan will provide specialist advice and support including:

  • Procurement planning
  • Developing requirements
  • Writing specifications
  • Developing tender documents
  • Facilitating tenders
  • Independent evaluation
  • Advising and preparation of contracts
  • Procurement training
  • Contract framework review
  • Document development
  • Spend audit and reporting