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Service Reviews are Back on the Menu

....this time as the main course

September 2018

After a sprint in August 2017 to have Section 17A service reviews completed we are seeing a number of councils take a more considered approach to service reviews in 2018.


With the statutory compliance aspect now in the past, councils are now seemingly realising the benefits of undertaking a comprehensive review of services.


As costs of growth and maintaining service delivery to meet community expectations increase, the need for efficient and effective service delivery is front of mind for many councils.


The majority of our service reviews are for roading, parks, waste, three waters, economic development and property, but we have also reviewed a range of other activities for councils across the country. Our clients have achieved great success through efficiencies (including streamlined processes and clearer definition of roles and responsibilities), improved internal and external relationships and collaboration, cost savings, and by having a staged plan to transition to an alternative delivery model identified through our review. We are also assisting councils through peer reviews and the implementation of the outcomes of the reviews to realise the benefits from the process.


How many activities has your council signalled significant changes to levels of service in your LTP? What contracts do you have expiring in the next two to three years? The triggers for a Section 17A review are quite specific, and your forward work programme needs to reflect those triggers. Irrespective of legislative requirements we believe it is good practice to undertake regular reviews of how services are delivered.


Contact one of our specialists to talk about how we can assist you in making a difference in the way you provide services to your community.

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