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Webinar on Council Mergers

Simple on the inside – easy on the outside

June 2016

In NSW we are ‘half merged’. Some councils are now into the second month of the operation of their new organisations, others still face uncertainty about their future and still others are unaffected. Whether you are involved in the merger process or not, there are good lessons to be learnt from the process of transitioning from a Merger to Business as Usual.


Join us for a free webinar to discuss some key aspects of the mergers which have relevance for all councils.



1.  Making a successful transition to Business as Usual

  • Lessons from past and present mergers

2.  Business Improvement

  • Project management office and approach
  • Service reviews
  • Change management
  • Robust objective analysis

3.  Customer and Community Focus

  • What does the customer focussed council of the future look like?
  • Developing a customer-centric business/operating model  “Simple on the inside – easy on the outside”
  • Linear v iterative improvement model
  • Insights from other ‘traditional’ industries with lessons for local government  
  • Barriers to success   

The webinar is on Tuesday 12th July 10am – 10.45am. Please register for the webinar by clicking this link.

For any questions please contact  g.smith@morrisonlow.com