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Asset Management and LTPs

Planning and capturing relevant asset management data is an important component for Council strategic decision making.




Thames-Coromandel District Council

Morrison Low was commissioned by Thames-Coromandel District Council for a suite of strategic asset management projects in preparation for the 2015 Long Term Plan.  Each project was tailored to match the manager’s specific needs including capability, timeframes and available internal resourcing. 


The asset management projects that were undertaken included:

  • Peer review of the Three Waters Asset Management Plans (initially a peer review and then we completed some sections due to internal resourcing constraints and to meet Council’s corporate deadlines)
  • Development of the Solid Waste Asset Management Plan
  • Development of the Community Spaces Asset Management Plans (eight in total including parks, harbour facilities and libraries)
  • Peer review of the Transport Activity Management Plan
  • Development of the Council Administration Building Asset Management Plan

A key focus was to interrogate the underlying core information such as asset inventories and condition to ensure that they were fit for purpose.  We also developed robust Asset Management Improvement Programmes to help the managers improve their asset practices for the next three years and therefore be better placed for the 2018 Long Term Plan. 

Councils in preparation for their 2018 Long Term Plan should be focused on improvement programmes and core information necessary for their Asset Management Plans to start the debate on the optimal asset investment.  

Project Contact: Cushla Anich