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Commercial Opportunities - Shell Cove Marina


Shellharbour City Council

Shell Cove

Council needed commercial analysis of a range of business opportunities associated with the development of the Shell Cove Marina, culminating in a number of recommendations for Council. Morrison Low developed governance, capital and returns matrix models for comparative evaluation.


The analysis considered the strategic objectives for the Shell Cove Harbour Project, ascertained Council’s risk appetite and return expectations, and undertook commercial and financial returns analysis for each business opportunity. The study identified the risks associated with each of the business opportunities (financial and non-financial risks) and various ownership, governance and service delivery models under which any investment could be made.


The development will also see the transfer of harbour assets to Council for maintenance and operation responsibilities.  Morrison Low’s research and analysis identified the option that Council establish an independent company for the operation of a wet and dry marina business. 


Contact: Greg Smith