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Developing an Open Spaces Strategy for Southland


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Southland District Council

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Morrison Low was engaged to assist Southland District Council to develop an Open Spaces Strategy that would guide Council’s provision, planning and management of open spaces to meet current and future needs. Southland District Council owns around 1250 hectares of open space, including undeveloped natural areas, stands of bush, parks, esplanades and reserves, gardens and planted areas, sports fields, playgrounds and other recreational areas. But the Southland population is changing and Southland District Council wanted to ensure that this was taken into account when planning for and providing open space across the district.


Morrison Low worked with staff from Southland District Council to develop a draft strategy that would encourage community discussion and feedback; assisting Council to plan and provide open spaces to meet the needs of all parts of the community. The draft strategy set out a vision, guiding principles, priorities and measures of success and was adopted by Council for the purpose of community consultation.