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Embedding a Strategic Asset Management Culture





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Morrison Low undertook an in depth strategic review of a government department with a large and complex portfolio of assets. The organisation’s leadership was committed to embedding a best practice approach to asset management and increasing the asset management maturity of its organisation. With a programme of major investment and upgrading of assets about to commence, the Department needed to ensure its asset management processes supported effective decision making and good portfolio management.


The review evaluated the strategic framework, the quality of current practices, team functions and responsibilities, and the level of asset management integration at all levels. Results/capacity and capability were then benchmarked against similar sized organisations with large, intensive portfolios.


The assets included in the review were vertical (eg buildings, maritime), horizontal (eg roads, three waters) and environmental (eg open space, trees).


The strategic questions considered included:

•           What are the priorities for investment?

•           Are there new risks that have not been previously identified?

•           What is the core asset management capability and what is the foundation needed?

•           What does the team need to look like to support good infrastructure management?

•           What is the long term renewal investment profile?

•           Is there sufficient asset information to answer the strategic questions?

•           Are the assets providing the right service levels for users?

•           What are the business critical data sets?


As an outcome of the review a detailed improvement plan was developed. A key part of this was identification and prioritisation of the critical focus areas.


This provided leadership with a planned and logical approach in strengthening the asset management foundation and integrating a best practice approach to asset management throughout the organisation.  


Project Contact: Cushla Anich