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High Growth Brings Infrastructure Challenges


New Zealand


A Large Urban Council

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Morrison Low was engaged by a large, high growth, urban council to assist with the development of the Council’s first Infrastructure Strategy. Councils are responsible for planning for and managing significant assets on behalf of their residents and ratepayers. The Local Government Act 2002 now requires councils to prepare a 30 year Infrastructure Strategy that outlines significant infrastructure issues and how the council plans to manage them over the period of the strategy.

High growth places pressure on the capacity of existing infrastructure and creates demand for new infrastructure and a key consideration was how to respond to growth and demand for infrastructure in a way which is affordable for current and future residents and businesses. Morrison Low strategy specialists worked with staff from across the council and its council controlled organisations to:

  • identify infrastructure issues and options for managing these issues
  • develop the overarching strategy that would guide the Council’s management of existing infrastructure and the planning of and investment in new infrastructure
  • prepare a draft strategy for public consultation that would inform the community and encourage community discussion.