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Investigation of a Kāpiti Coast Unitary Authority




Kāpiti Coast District Council


In response to growing debate about the future of local government in the Wellington region, Kāpiti Coast District Council commissioned Morrison Low to undertake a high level investigation of the financial implications of the formation of a Unitary Council for the Kāpiti Coast.

As a unitary authority, Kāpiti Coast would have the responsibilities of both a territorial local authority and a regional council under the Local Government Act 2002. The study modelled the estimated revenue and expenditure requirements of a Kāpiti Coast Unitary Authority based on:

  • The Kāpiti Coast District Councils current revenue and expenditure on local services, given existing levels of service, and
  • An estimate of the revenue collected and expenditure on regional services undertaken by the Wellington Regional Council within the Kāpiti District Coast

The estimate of regional revenue and expenditure within the Kāpiti District was provided by the Wellington Regional Council.