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Merger Transition Plan for Cumberland Council




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Morrison Low was brought in by the three former councils merged into the Cumberland Council. Holroyd, Auburn and Parramatta City Councils engaged us to develop a merger transition plan to guide what, at that stage, was a likely merger in the future.


Within ten days of starting the project, the merger was announced. The new council was in a good position to undertake the immediate transition requirements due to the pre-merger preparation. The priority was to ensure that customers were able to conduct the usual business and informed staff were enabled to do so. This was achieved through  focusing on customer service, communication and timely decision making to deliver and respond to the circumstances. 


A comprehensive plan was delivered incorporating current operational tasks and actions, alignment to the governments roadmap and implementation action plan. The plan allocated responsible officers to manage and co-ordinate the implementation. The plan also included a range of longer term business improvement opportunities for council consideration.


Project Contact: Greg Smith