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Review of Natural Resources Sector




Ministry for the Environment, Natural Resources Sector

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Morrison Low was commissioned to examine current arrangements across the Natural Resources Sector by working with the relevant agencies to identify and recommend actions that would strengthen leadership, collaboration and governance of the sector and enable delivery against the Sector’s strategy.


The review involved:

  • Examining the purpose, founding principles and outcomes sought by the Sector
  • Identifying the scope of the Sector, the role of participants and linkages with other sectors and cross-government governance arrangements
  • Examining the current operational environment and lessons from past projects
  • Interviewing key leaders to develop an understanding of how stakeholders viewed the current state of play within the Sector
  • Developing a strategic model to support effective collaboration


Our report identified the five key requirements for effective collaboration, assessed the Sector’s maturity against these requirements and made a number of recommendations to enhance resourcing, capability, leadership, sector engagement and governance. These recommendations were presented to the Sector Chief Executive’s Forum.