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Operating model review




New Zealand Police/Crimestoppers


Morrison Low was engaged to undertake an independent analysis of the effectiveness and value of the current New Zealand Crimestoppers operating model. The review involved: 


  • Analysis of the financials, operating model, governance model, funding model, business plan and performance results
  • Examining the strengths and weaknesses of the current model (including perceived and actual value of having this service delivered by an independent organisation)
  • A comparative analysis with other international models that could be used in New Zealand to assess cost effectiveness and the benefits and risks associated with alternative models
  • Developing a ‘fit’ for purpose’ assessment criteria to evaluate these against the current model
  • Making recommendations on the best model to use in New Zealand for the delivery of Crimestoppers services


Our report made seven key recommendations relating to the business strategy, operating model, funding arrangements, governance and importantly the relationship between Police and Crimestoppers.