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Service review leads to over $2M in savings




Leichhardt Municipal Council

Old town hall

Leichhardt Council identified a shortfall in funding for the renewal and maintenance of existing infrastructure. Before seeking a Special Rate Variation the Council embarked on an ambitious, wide ranging and ultimately very successful service review to identify opportunities to reduce costs and increase revenue.

Looking across the whole organisation at expenditure, efficiency, business processes, revenue (existing and potential), effectiveness and service delivery models the process identified 118 opportunities along with the risks, cost, benefits (monetary and/or service improvement). The impacts of each on the organisation, staff, customers and service levels were also identified. Council acted quickly to implement many of the opportunities identified, with savings of over $2M achieved in the 2014 / 2015 year, many of these recurrent.

Council has an on-going program in place to realise further savings identified through the service review process including ambitious stretch targets for 2015 / 2016.

Project Contact: Dan Bonifant