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The Department of Corrections Asset Management Journey




The Department of Corrections


Corrections have a significant portfolio, with critical assets across the country.  It operates 17 prisons and numerous Community Correction sites.  Of government agencies, it has the second largest fleet of cars, behind Police, and owns and maintains critical assets and systems – the most obvious being its security system. 

The organisation has set a goal to deliver exemplar strategic asset management.  This required change in the way things were done. A higher level of asset management practice was being sought to support sound decision making and to effectively manage risk.   Morrison Low has supported them on this journey.

The Department had Morrison Low carry out a practices review of asset management within the organisation using the International Infrastructure Management Manual Maturity Model.  This approach gives a clear picture of how an organisation stacks up against best practice.  The review covered management of four portfolios – prisons, Community Correction sites, security and fleet. 

To do the review, a range of Corrections staff were interviewed.  This included internal stakeholders and service providers.  Key information was evaluated to provide evidence of current practices.  

The review of asset management practices was guided by a series of strategic questions:

  • Is renewal investment made - the correct amount / at the right time?
  • Is there sufficient asset information to answer these strategic questions? 
  • What is the long term renewal investment profile?
  • How do Corrections’ asset management practices compare with other similar sized organisations?
  • Are the assets providing the right service levels for the custodian part of the business?
  • Are there linkages between the technical and strategic asset management decision making?
  • How does this inform the governance decision making (and vice versa)?  

The focus was on the strategic asset management level and in understanding the integration of information and decision making from governance down to technical delivery (and vice versa). 

The Departments’ asset management practices were benchmarked against other significant asset holders Watercare Services Limited, Auckland Transport and Corrections Victoria. 

The outcome for Corrections was the development of a road map that improved current practices and introduced new ones.  It helped the building of internal capability within Corrections and gives managers confidence to make strategic infrastructural decisions to support their business. 

Project Contact: Cushla Anich