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Why is it all about the infrastructure backlog?


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The infrastructure backlog in New South Wales has gained a lot of attention in recent months. Both the size of the backlog and the discrepancies in determining the size have been raising concerns. The Division for Local Government (NSW) estimates the infrastructure backlog for local government as $7.4 billion (at 30 June 2012) and the local government total nationally has previously been estimated at over $14 billion. Having no consistent definition of ‘the backlog’, nor methodology to calculate it and, in some cases, a lack of data to support the calculations makes relying on a single number difficult. Whatever the true number is, it is still significant.

In a recent presentation to the IPWEA International Conference Tim McCarthy spoke about the challenges of calculating the backlog, the need for consistency across and within Councils and the importance of informing communities so that they can engage in this important debate.

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