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Facilities, Housing and Open Space Management

Facilities Management

The public sector deliver a range of services and activities to their communities from essential functions such as three waters, through to community activities supporting health and wellbeing. The facilities (buildings and venues) in which these activities occur are key enablers in supporting the provision of these services and activities. They are enabling infrastructure that support healthy, connected communities.


To ensure facilities are, and remain, fit for purpose in meeting the present and evolving needs of your community, good facilities management is essential. Facilities management may include: developing strategies, policies and procedures, engaging and consulting with community, managing health and safety requirements, monitoring and maintaining compliance with building standards, business and service planning, systems and process planning, risk management, improving and embedding sustainability, disaster and business continuity planning, and maintaining, renewing and upgrading facilities to enhance capacity and extend their lifespan.






Maximising your Housing opportunities


Government, whether it be local, central, state or federal, is looking at different approaches to meet its communities need for housing.  Community Housing providers are critical to this success through the provision of client focused housing and wrap-around support services.  Whether establishing development agencies to focus on the creation of more houses, the setting up of partnerships to maximise sustainable and affordable housing solutions, or the development of tools to facilitate housing opportunities, Morrison Low has the experience and knowledge to navigate you through the process and unlock the opportunities.

  • The development of innovative housing strategy and policy with a focus on the delivery of actions
  • The establishment and structure of development agencies
  • Business planning and modelling for significant housing growth options along with associated due diligence
  • Partnering with Community Housing providers to more cost effectively deliver your housing portfolio
  • Strategic review of your existing housing portfolio
  • Assisting Community Housing providers in responding to procurement opportunities

Refer to Housing Case Studies under the Projects section of our website.



Open Space Management

Open space is an important resource that contributes to our quality of life.  It contributes to a range of health, social, environmental and economic benefits within your district or region. Open space becomes increasingly vital to ensure healthy and connected communities as urban areas grow vertically and horizontally.


Challenges and opportunities affecting open space management may include: changing demand and patterns of recreation, growing or declining population, increasingly diverse communities, urban intensification, sustainability (carbon neutrality), affordability, climate change, health and safety, changing operating models for land management, suitability of available land, and co-ownership with mana whenua.


Through actively managing your open space you can better plan for the changing needs of your community. Good open space management will enhance and protect your open space for future generations to enjoy, while underpinning the liveability and economic prosperity of your region. 


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How Morrison Low can assist with your Facilities and Open Space Management?

  • Evaluating alternative operating models
  • Insourcing transition support
  • Business and/or service reviews
  • Procurement support, developing tender and contract documents
  • Master planning
    • Asset management plans
    • Developing business plans and business case
  • Strategic and operational support
  • Developing strategies, policies and plans
  • Leading community engagement
  • Mentoring and training of staff
  • Reviewing and developing systems, processes and procedures
  • Business continuity planning