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Financial strategy, performance measurement and growth

When you work with us, you’ll gain access to a range of financial consulting services focusing on building capacity, assisting you to develop financial strategies and with processes to measure performance.

How Morrison Low can assist you with financial consulting:


  • Gain the support of a team of trained accountants, financial consultants, economists and finance managers to address complex problems and to develop practical robust solutions
  • Access our experience in helping councils to develop strategic financial planning frameworks and long-term financial strategies
  • Gain strategic tools to quantify council strategies and model alternative scenarios to assist short, medium and long-term decision making
  • Develop strategies to achieve both financial and non-financial measurement frameworks and underlying performance management systems, which also address social, cultural and environmental outcomes
  • Gain expert assistance with developing rating and funding strategies, financial policy reviews and financial and economic analyses for business cases. We can also help you review the effectiveness of finance and other corporate support departments and in service pricing strategies
  • A well developed methodology and tools to model the costs and benefits of mergers
  • Economic analysis and business case development to support grant applications and decision making