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Organisational Design and Service Delivery Transitions

Manage the transition between service delivery arrangements and improve operational delivery services


We can provide practical implementation support for the transition of service delivery arrangements between outsourcing and insourcing complimented by a consultative approach that suits your organisation.


You’ll receive real life planning and implementation support to manage your transition service delivery risks and to develop the people, process and systems needed to carry the service forward, creating an effective internal operating environment and meet stakeholder expectations as you move through the transition process.


How Morrison Low can assist you with service delivery transitions and organisational design and delivery reviews:

  • Write or review transition plans and risk registers to provide assurance that all aspects are covered
  • Design and deliver improvements to your organisational structure, processes and systems
  • Make recommendations on the prioritisation of trade-offs to meet the transition date
  • Provide transition management expertise to coordinate the workstreams needed to achieve the transition
  • Gain practical processes focused on influencing and improving productivity
  • Overcome conflict, communication, and relationship challenges
  • Evolve from the transition in a staged approach, with focused outcomes and, practical solutions
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