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Policy and strategy

Morrison Low offers a full suite of policy and strategy work across central, state and local government. We can partner with you to understand policy problems, develop clear strategic objectives, design interventions and implement them.

Our expertise spans across many sectors


  • We ensure our clients are well-positioned in response to policy changes and reforms.
  • We understand the systems and processes through which government operates and provides services to the public.
  • We can help you diagnose and design to add value, not just for compliance.
  • We offer robust problem definition and clear intervention logic to help shape the goals, and the inputs required to produce the outcomes desired.
  • We understand the systems and tools used to shape desired behaviour and to ensure crucial regulatory stewardship.                                

At the local government level, we can help you with:


  • Developing strategy to guide other key strategies and plans i.e., long or mid term, regulatory, land use,  climate change, infrastructure, asset management, workforce, development.
  • Prioritise and align investment in infrastructure and service delivery based on a long-term view of how your community will develop or grow.
  • Provide strategic alignment and understanding across the organisation focused on developing capability and confidence to implement an integrated planning approach.
  • Provide all partners with a common understanding of future direction so that resources are used efficiently and effectively to achieve a common outcome.


Our team is experienced in long term planning, integrated planning, waste management minimisation plans, waste assessments and water service plans amongst the range of strategy, plans, policy and bylaws needs of councils.


At the state and central government level, we can help you with:


  • Using policy tools to help shape problems and then to take the problem through effective policy design processes, involving stakeholder engagement and advising Ministers and officials from other agencies.
  • Provide quality assurance on regulation.


 Reviewing and evaluating what is working and what is not, see programme evaluation.



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