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The current Government Policy Statement on Land Transport has four core priorities: Safety, Better Transport Options, Improving Freight Connections and Climate Change. These provide both opportunities and challenges for government agencies and regional and local authorities when it comes to planning and delivering against these priorities and maintaining levels of service in their networks. We operate at an advisory level, supporting our clients to translate these priorities into funded outcomes that benefit their communities.

We are known for providing reliable, relevant strategic advice, as our advisors have deep, proven and technical domain knowledge gained through their history of working in transport and civil engineering professional services, contracting and project governance and delivery.


How can Morrison Low assist you with your transportation needs?

  • Asset management advice
  • Development of Activity Management Plans
  • Data Improvement Programmes
  • Section 17a reviews
  • Project and programme management
  • Advice on governance
  • Advice on using technology to enhance transport networks (ITS)
  • Travel Demand Management advice
  • Network operations and optimisation advice
  • Regulatory and capability reviews
  • Procurement – full process from plan to award
  • Systems and documentation reviews

Please refer to our transportation case studies in the projects section of our website.