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Water Services

Water services (water supply, wastewater and stormwater) are essential infrastructure for the communities they serve.

Our public sector clients manage the water service networks, which are capital-intensive and have long lives.  They need to be safe, reliable, environmentally and financially sustainable in the long term. 

Morrison Low has a comprehensive team of specialists experienced in strategic water service advisory, including engineers, lawyers, financial accountants and planners.  Many of our specialists have held water industry roles, such as Water New Zealand and Āpōpō (formerly IPWEA NZ). 

We work with our public sector clients at a strategic level to solve their water service problems drawing on real world experiences, rather than providing rigid technical solutions.  Our strategic advice on water services to public sector clients is independent and unbiased.  We support our clients to make informed and evidence-based decisions on water services infrastructure and the services themselves.  

Water Services


We work across a range of organisations, including large government agencies, multiple councils in regional areas to small and rural councils.  We also provide strategic advice to government agencies on policy as well as water regulators. 


How Morrison Low can assist you with water services provision

Water services changes in New Zealand – Local Water Done Well


Water reform has been underway in New Zealand since 2019 with different government approaches throughout that time.  All agree that water services infrastructure and the services themselves need to be managed financially and sustainably in the long term.  How we get to this outcome is still under debate. 


Morrison Low has been advising councils, and central government, on various aspects of three waters reform for over six years.  Our work has spanned all sides of the fence.  We have provided advice to the Department of Internal Affairs, through direct engagement with the councils of the Hawke’s Bay and Otago and Southland regions, and as independent advisors to the Local Government of New Zealand.  Through that work, we have provided advice on three waters reform to over 80% of New Zealand councils.  We are now supporting Councils with developing their Water Service Delivery Plans.


We have learnt a lot and we continue to develop our approach to reflect the changing needs (and identities) of decision makers. 


Our Specialists: