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Commercial advice, strategy and optimisation

Among the disruption of business models, changing customer expectations, globalisation and increased compliance, clear thinking and a deep understanding of what really counts in business has never been more important. Our consultants bring superior commercial experience and insight to our ‘work with you’ approach, to validate your strategy and optimise delivery.

How Morrison Low can assist you with commercial consulting:


  • Get the benefit of the specialist knowledge and experience we have in advising the financial services industry
  • Use our expertise in council owned corporations, manufacturing, distribution, professional services and NGO’s to boost your productivity and profit
  • Working with us to improve your business strategy and then optimise your structures, culture, processes and investments to deliver it
  • Draw on our skills to improve your business model so it best aligns your customer needs  with your business strategy
  • Take advantage of our experience in successfully completing mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures through getting the strategy clear and realistic, building trust, doing the business case, blending the structures, teams and processes and facilitating due diligence and contract negotiations
  • Use our commercial knowledge  to test if your corporate services functions are lean and give value for money; and fix where they fall short
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