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Asset planning, efficiency and performance

Managing central, state and local government assets is a complex task. You need sound advice and long-term strategic management practices for the efficient performance of all types of infrastructure and non-infrastructure assets.

How Morrison Low can assist you with asset management
  • Gain the advice and support of a team who have all held positions of responsibility for strategic asset management in a variety of government organisations in Australia and New Zealand
  • Get an accurate assessment of your organisation’s capability in relation to asset management in terms of strategy, resources, systems, structure and culture.
  • Get practical assistance to implement an improvement plan which focuses on performance and efficiency
  • Develop an asset management culture throughout your organisation, build resilience, and embed improved asset management practices.
  • Ensure continuity of asset operation with robust documentation comprising of strategy, policy, and plans closely aligned to community strategic plan objectives, and long term financial plans
  • Become future friendly with asset management training programs