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Facilities Management

Local authorities deliver a range of services and activities to their communities from essential functions such as three waters, through to community activities supporting health and wellbeing. The facilities (buildings and venues) in which these activities occur are key enablers in supporting the provision of these services and activities. They are enabling infrastructure that support healthy, connected communities.


To ensure facilities are, and remain, fit for purpose in meeting the present and evolving needs of your community, good facilities management is essential. Facilities management may include: developing strategies, policies and procedures, engaging and consulting with community, managing health and safety requirements, monitoring and maintaining compliance with building standards, business and service planning, systems and process planning, risk management, improving and embedding sustainability, disaster and business continuity planning, and maintaining, renewing and upgrading facilities to enhance capacity and extend their lifespan.


How Morrison Low can assist with your Facilities Management?

  • Developing tender and contract documents
  • Developing regional/local facilities strategies
  • Business and/or service reviews
  • Procurement support
  • Facility asset management plans
  • Developing business plans and business cases
  • Strategic and operational support
  • Developing master plans, strategies and policies
  • Leading community engagement
  • Mentoring and training of staff
  • Reviewing and developing systems, processes and procedures
  • Business continuity planning