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Supplier panels are an important part of doing business in the government and local government sectors. These panels provide preapproval for authorised suppliers to be directly engaged within the terms and conditions of each particular panel. Morrison Low recognises the importance of these panels enabling our clients to streamline procurement processes and avoid procurement delays. Morrison Low is proactive about getting on the right supplier panels to match our client’s needs directly with our areas of expertise.


National or State supplier panels Morrison Low is currently preapproved under include:

New Zealand’s All of Government Panel

As part of the All-of-Government (AoG) Consultancy Services solution, MBIE has established the Business and Finance solution that offers eligible government agencies specialist advice and competitive solutions from a panel of experienced consultancies.


Morrison Low is pleased to have been appointed as a registered panel member for the following sub-categories:


We are experienced consultants to government with a proven track record in providing the right solution. Our expertise and value is in the depth of understanding of how and why our public sector clients work to achieve their goals. The contribution we make is reflected in the breadth and depth of our client base and our ability to deliver the right result.

Approved Contractor Logo 2021

LG Procurement (NSW)

Morrison Low is appointed to the Professional Consulting Services contract LGP1208-4 for Asset Management, following on from our appointment on LGP1208-3 previously, and is also appointed to the Internal Audit and Management Consulting Services contract LGP218, which commenced in 2018. LG Procurement has been prescribed under s55 of the Local Government Act, allowing councils to utilise supply arrangements coordinated by LG Procurement without the need to go to tender in their own right. 


 State Government Performance and Management Services (NSW)

Since 2012 Morrison Low has been prequalified for State Government Performance and Management Services Panel SCM0005 administered by the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation. Prequalified services include

  • Agency and Program Reviews
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Major Project Procurement: Delivery and Project Management
  • Contracting
  • Communication
  • Service Implementation
  • Corporate and Business Strategy and Planning

Waikato LASS (NZ)

Morrison Low has been a member of WLASS since 2019. Waikato LASS provides local authorities in the Waikato Region with a vehicle to procure shared services and drives collaboration between councils.




Taupō District Council Professional Services Panel (NZ)

Morrison Low is part of a panel of consulting firms that provide professional services support for infrastructure services delivery.  



Three Waters National Transition Unit Technical Services Panel

Dunedin City Council

Dunedin City Council Long-Term Technical and Engineering Support Services Panel