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Why us?

Do you want to work in an environment where initiative is valued, integrity is essential and respect is a right? We believe in our values.

Morrison Low is about relationships, teamwork and support are part of our everyday workplace. Our employees are our company and we recognise and value them.

If you align to our values and can add to our great culture, we would love you to come join us!

About us:

At Morrison Low we don’t just believe in work-life balance, we live it. We believe that balance is an important aspect of our work environment. Check out below to see some of the things we have to offer, and take a look at the video to see what some of our employees say:



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  • We promote a flexible working environment, at Morrison Low we are more committed to results than 9-5 in the office.
  • We understand that family commitments are important, so you may need to honour these during standard office hours. Or maybe you want to work from home and just need some quiet space to concentrate fully on your project.
  • While it’s beneficial to come together for collaboration and interaction, at Morrison Low we like to provide flexibility to meet both yours and our clients’ needs.

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  • We celebrate you! Who wants to work on their birthday?
  • At Morrison Low you get to take the day off and can spend your special day doing whatever you like. 

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  • Here at Morrison Low we appreciate how hard our team works. That's why we believe it is important to have a transparent and consistent approach to bonuses which incentivises and rewards staff when they, and the company, perform well.

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  • We like to make sure we get together regularly, and not just to catch up about work!
  • We hold a variety of different social events within each of our offices – morning teas, weekly afternoon office drinks, bring a plate lunches, celebratory bubbles (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) for your first sale, dinners out… the list goes on!

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  • Our vision for sustainability is to deliver enduring results that enhance the outcomes of today and the future of tomorrow, by putting people, place, prosperity and purpose at the core of our business.
  • We strive to create a resilient, supportive culture. This enables us to not only deliver value to our clients, but also to contribute meaningfully through our communities and environment.

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  • If we are learning, we are growing, both individually and collectively. At Morrison Low we encourage all our employees in career development through continued education or skill advancement.
  • We offer a large range of services to local and central/state government. Being part of Morrison Low will enable you to utilise and further your skills across a mix of these areas. Our projects are many and varied, there are always colleagues with different specialities on hand to help provide solutions and to work collaboratively.
  • At Morrison Low we engage with high level executives and are known for our subject expertise; we advocate the continuous building of shared knowledge.

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  • We want you to prioritise your wellbeing, both mentally and physically. Morrison Low takes health and safety seriously, and we are committed to providing a safe work environment. Each employee assists in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. Stress and other risks to mental health are managed, we have measures in place to help our employees manage their workload.
  • Part of our induction process is the ‘buddy’ system, someone who can help you with all the day to day processes and systems, advising and in regular communication. Your ‘go to’ person!
  • We provide up to $500 per annum to support your wellness journey - gym membership, club membership or any activity that promotes physical and mental well being.
  • We foster a positive workplace culture; we want everyone to feel good about coming to work. 

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   Diversity and inclusion

  • At Morrison Low we value the differences people bring, we believe this creates a diversity of thinking that forms the foundations of our culture. We respect these differences and treat all individuals equally; we believe difference fosters continuous questioning and continuous improvement. 
  • We want all our employees to reach their full potential, then we know that we are doing our best for our people and our company. We encourage practices and behaviours to ensure that all individuals feel included in workplace activities. We want to create an atmosphere where all people can flourish.
  • At Morrison Low, everyone is important and everyone is included! 


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