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Long-term planning for improved community wellbeing

Strategic planning is an integrated and strategic approach to planning for long-term social, economic, cultural, environmental outcomes and future development, taking into account local aspirations, opportunities and challenges. It sets a vision for the future and translates this vision into spatial and non spatial priorities and strategies, providing a sound platform for investment in infrastructure and services.

How Morrison Low can assist you with strategic planning:


  • Develop a long-term strategy to guide other key strategies and plans, such as Long and Medium Term Plans, Regulatory and Landuse Plans, Asset Management Plans, Workforce Plans and Economic Development Strategy
  • Integrate planning for the social, economic, cultural and environmental wellbeing of your communities with land use and infrastructure planning
  • Prioritise and align investment in infrastructure and service delivery based on a long-term view of how your community will develop or grow
  • Work with clients to assess existing and alternative delivery arrangements,¬†including council controlled organisations, joint organisations, shared services, joint contracts and business units, to improve the delivery of service standards and reduce costs

  • Provide strategic alignment and understanding across the organisation focused on developing capability and confidence to implement an integrated planning approach
  • Provide all partners with a common understanding of future direction so that resources are used efficiently and effectively to achieve a common outcome