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Joint Waste Collection Services Procurement

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Morrison Low was engaged to assist two councils with joint procurement for their refuse and recycling collection services.

The procurement saw the two councils introduce wheelie bins for refuse collections and change their recycling collection methodology. A two-stage procurement process was undertaken with a registration of interest and supplier engagement sessions undertaken, ahead of a request for proposal.

The procurement allowed suppliers to bid for one council’s services or both, and for recycling or refuse collection services or both. Suppliers were given an opportunity to present discounts for bundling services. This approach meant that the councils had the flexibility to award contracts that best suited their needs and suppliers had the flexibility to only bid for services that they felt they had the capacity and capability to deliver.

The new contracts place a greater emphasis on collaboration between the councils and their contractors. This includes formation of a governance group to explore new opportunities and quickly resolve any escalated contract issues, giving both the councils and their contractors the tools to support more open conversations about how well the contract is being delivered.

For further information on this case study or procurement, please contact Ewen Skinner e.skinner@morrisonlow.com or Alice Grace a.grace@morrisonlow.com