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Sound asset management planning for long term financial sustainability

Managing central, state and local government infrastructure assets is a complex task. You need sound advice and long-term strategic management practices for the whole of life financial sustainability of all types of infrastructure assets.


How Morrison Low can assist you with strategic asset management

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  • Gain the advice and support of a team who have all held positions of responsibility for strategic asset management in a variety of government organisations in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Get an accurate assessment of your organisation’s capability in relation to strategic asset management in terms of strategy, resources, systems, structure and culture.
  • Get practical assistance and strategic advice to implement an improvement plan which focuses on making changes to people, processes, data and systems.  
  • Develop an asset management culture throughout your organisation, build internal capability, and embed improved strategic asset management practices.
  • Ensure long term financial sustainability with robust documentation comprising of strategy, policy, and Asset Management Plans closely aligned to your organisation’s strategic objectives, and long term financial plans.


Morrison Low has had a long association with NAMS and its parent company IPWEA and Āpōpō (formerly IPWEA NZ) through our strategic asset management practitioners.  We have been a member of the NAMS Consultants Supporters Group in Australia since its inception by IPWEA in 2005 and are a NAMS Partner Programme with Āpōpō in New Zealand. Through these associations, we support the industry and provide strategic thinking around asset management as a solution to infrastructure issues.

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