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Strategic Advisory

Not everything fits neatly into a box. Many of the most interesting projects we do support our clients with novel challenges or new opportunities.

Working alongside you we develop a bespoke methodology, adapt existing tools and practices so that they respond to your particular need. Often the starting point of these projects is to identify what the underlying issue or opportunity really is.


Our Strategic Advisory work includes projects like:


  • Multiple independent reviews of performance, programmes, departments or projects for Chief Executives, Boards & elected members to identify what went wrong and what lessons can be learnt.
  • Evaluation of the merits of a Council supporting a Specified Development Project proposal in NZ.
  • Developing software tools to scan council financial records to find evidence to support NSW clients with preparation of flood claims under the National Disaster Recovery Funding programme.
  • Leading training programmes and courses such as the Victoria University of Wellington NZ Machinery of Government course and Service Review training for LG Professionals NSW.
  • Supporting over 80% of NZ Councils during three waters reform to understand the implications of the Government’s proposed changes.
  • Governance advice to Councils, Government, and Council & Crown owned entities including supporting Board appointments and development of a Community Trust model for healthcare services.
  • Advising on and leading community engagement for significant Council decisions.
  • Review of a water supply demand vs supply forecast for a major metropolitan area.