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Waste Services Business Cases

Business Case Template2

Morrison Low was appointed to develop three waste services business cases as part of council’s waste services review, using the New Zealand Treasury Better Business Case (BBC) approach. This is a systematic, robust method for assessing options supporting quality and consistent decision making.

The engagement started with an Investment Logic Mapping (ILM) exercise to identify current issues and opportunities and develop the strategic investment objectives. A long list of options was assessed against these objectives and the standard BBC critical success factors.

An economic assessment was then completed for a shortlist of options. This included financial modelling of waste services options and a multi-criteria analysis that considered social, environmental, political and technical risks. For the preferred option, the commercial case (procurement), financial case (funding) and management case (implementation) were documented. The council is now in the process of implementing the recommendations from the three business cases.

For further information on this case study or business case approaches (including BBC), please contact Ewen Skinner e.skinner@morrisonlow.com or Alice Grace a.grace@morrisonlow.com