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Developing an Infrastructure Strategy


Hawke's Bay


Central Hawke's Bay District Council

Open Road

Councils are responsible for planning and managing significant assets on behalf of their ratepayers. The Local Government Act 2002 now requires Councils to prepare a 30 year Infrastructure Strategy that outlines significant infrastructure issues and how Council plans to manage them over the 30 year period.

Morrison Low was engaged to assist Central Hawke’s Bay District Council to prepare the Council’s first infrastructure strategy. Central Hawke’s Bay District Council had developed a draft strategy, but wanted some assistance to review the draft and to refine the strategy for public consultation. Staff from Central Hawke’s Bay District Council worked with asset management
and strategy specialists from Morrison Low to develop a draft strategy that informed the community about infrastructure issues, presented options and encouraged community discussion.

Ensuring the Infrastructure remains efficient, effective and appropriate for current and future ratepayers is a key requirement of Councils. In looking out over the next 30 years, Central Hawke’s Bay District Council was seeking to develop an Infrastructure Strategy that ensures the costs of maintaining and developing infrastructure is affordable now and in the future.

 Project Contact: Cushla Anich