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Joint Waste Services

Service Delivery Review

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Morrison Low was commissioned to complete a service delivery review (Section 17A review) for the delivery of three councils' waste services.

Reviewing the delivery of services is a legislative requirement under Section 17A of the Local Government Act (2002). Section 17A ensures that Local Authorities provide value for money for ratepayers in the delivery of services. A review must take place when one of the following circumstances arises:

  • When a significant change to the level of service is proposed
  • Within two years of a contract or binding agreement expiring
  • At any other time, but no less than six years following the last review.

As the three councils’ contracts for waste services were due to expire at the same time, there was an opportunity to jointly assess future options for service delivery.

The review considered eight options which included keeping current service delivery arrangements, undertaking a joint procurement for the services, having a single shared service, or opting out of delivering these services altogether.

A joint procurement was identified as the preferred future option. This gave the councils flexibility on what type service suited their district and how best to manage them, while at the same time utilising the increased economies of scale from a joint procurement.

For further information on this case study or Section 17A reviews , please contact Ewen Skinner e.skinner@morrisonlow.com or Alice Grace a.grace@morrisonlow.com