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Solid Waste Services Review Business Case

Morrison Low was engaged to undertake a full review of council’s waste services using a single-stage business case approach in line with the New Zealand Treasury Better Business Case (BBC).

Saving time, money, and resources, the council and Morrison Low were able to fulfill the requirements of a service delivery review in line with Section 17A of the Local Government Act (2002).

The review recommended a revised approach to the services which included the following benefits:

  • A move to a standardised model for the charging of waste services across the district.
  • Introduction of a kerbside recycling service that focused on delivering quality products to end-markets.
  • A framework for future commercial investment in waste facilities, using the district as a ‘hub’ for further recycling and resource recovery across the wider region.
  • Practical service options that will enable a seamless annual plan consultation process for Council.


Morrison Low also provided input into the development of communication materials that would be used for community engagement on the options for future waste services delivery.

For further information on this case study or business case approaches (including BBC), please contact Ewen Skinner e.skinner@morrisonlow.com or Alice Grace a.grace@morrisonlow.com