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LTP Quality Assurance and Support




Gisborne District Council

Having the confidence in your long term planning process and its inputs is key to the successful delivery of any LTP. Morrison Low is supporting Gisborne District Council by providing a quality assurance role over Council’s processes in developing the LTP and independent advice on key inputs.

Council identified early that strategic advice and support was critical to their LTP development. We have been assisting Council in:

  • developing financial and infrastructure strategies

  • logic testing the robustness of the approach, plan and consultation documents

  • project management tools and techniques

  • peer reviewing key documents

  • identifying key infrastructure challenges, issues and options

  • review the timing and consistent inclusion of corporate information, including forecasts, into key documents for the development of the LTP e.g. infrastructure strategy, asset management plans.

In working with the Council, to date we have identified risks and potential mitigation strategies, identified key dependencies and timing implications with asset management plan reviews and the development of infrastructure and financial strategies. These elements have been critical in creating assumptions that will be used to inform the development of a robust financial model for the Council to paint a clear picture of the budget and rates implications for the region over the next ten years.