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Morrison Low was appointed to provide a New Zealand council with advice regarding options for funding and partnering for a sustainable homes programme for its region. The purpose of the sustainable homes programme is to promote climate and economic resilience in the community.


The engagement started with a benchmark analysis of existing council, central government and private sustainable homes funding and support programmes available in New Zealand. The analysis included engagement with both users of existing programmes and those responsible for funding, managing and reporting on programme progress, relative to climate and economic resilience objectives. Variables that led to the success and challenges/failure of funding and partnership models were identified. A market analysis of the region’s current funding and partnership potential was undertaken. A financial model was developed to identify how, if and when a cost-neutral model for council could be implemented. Finally, existing local and potential partnership and collaboration alternatives were analysed, to identify the potential for council to build on existing efforts to catalyse climate and economic resilience, as opposed to compete with or override these.


A shortlist of region-specific funding and partnership options was presented to council that considered social, environmental, political, communications, branding/marketing and economic challenges, risks and opportunities. Recommendations on resourcing, governance, operational, reporting and communications factors that could lead to a successful funding and partnership approach were also highlighted. The council is now in the process of considering a preferred option for integration in its long term planning process.


For further information on this case study or sustainability benchmarking, analysis and financial modelling please contact Ewen Skinner e.skinner@morrisonlow.com