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Waikanae Library Review




Kapiti Coast District Council

Morrison Low was asked to investigate how Council found itself in the situation of having to close the Waikanae Library after testing returned levels of toxigenic and allergenic mould within the building, and what could they do to avoid something similar happening in the future. There is a long history of the Waikanae Library and potential upgrades or redevelopment that meant that the regular problem with leaks in the building during wet weather were repaired without the root cause being treated while council waited for funding for redevelopment of the building. Renewals were regularly deferred, and the building was nursed along to keep it running.

We reviewed a significant amount of information about the history of the building, previous decisions, asset management practices and documentation and interviewed a range of council staff and contractors to understand how council got to the point of having to close the library. It became clear in reviewing council systems, practices and procedures, that there were numerous requests for services over sixteen years concerning leaks in the building, however council did not have an holistic analysis of all data on the building so that the level of risk and consequences in continued deferrals could be reported to decision makers.

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Through our review, we identified a wide range of strategic, asset management, risk identification and reporting and decision making improvements the council could make to reduce the potential for a similar situation to arise again. We are currently working with council to develop and implement a programme of works in response to our recommendations and have commenced an asset management practices review for community facilities which will result in an improvement plan that will be incorporated into the wider programme.

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